30 Funny Times This Guy With A Name ‘Customer Support’ Trolled Clueless Customers

Social media has become a big deal for business–most customers are online in places such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can be reached easily with a simple post or private message. Sometimes, however, the convenience of reaching large numbers of people all at once has downsides-as you’ll see in this post!

The Amazing Troll-Man, also known as Wesley Metcalfe, is a UK-based comedian who loves nothing but messing with big business. His method is simple: under the name ‘ customer support,’ he has a Facebook account.

He visits the pages of different companies, changing his profile picture to match them, and proceeds in a hilariously funny and often rude way to interact with customers. Usually the customers, shocked by Wesley’s cheek’ customer service,’ react with a just outrage that only adds to the hilarity.

Can’t imagine my meaning? Scroll down to see for yourself The Amazing Troll Man in action and let us know what you think in the comments!

Credit: The Amazing Troll-Man

Wesley Metcalfe

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