Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a clinical syndrome manifested by increasing metabolic  glucose and a polymorphism of symptoms and clinical signs. Etiological factors that cause this disease are heredity, obesity, inflammatory lesions, acute or chronic pancreatitis, physical and psychological trauma, endocrine diseases, pathogen agents. Its evolution is constant, finished with various complications like diabetic coma, cataracts, microbial infections in various areas, atherosclerosis, etc.

Signs of this disease are thirst and excess consumption of liquids.
The consequences are very frequent urination or even more abundant than usual, and weight loss despite an adequate diet.
The symptoms of diabetes are the peach color face, with a tendency to redness, especially on the forehead. Itching and eczema can appear, especially in the external genitalia. Other symptoms are hair loss, tooth mobility (periodontitis), leg pain, twitter, and blurred vision.
For the treatment of diabetes is recommended to drink tea before each main meal. Drink a hot cup of tea every day from the following mixture of plants:

• Bean pods
• Blueberry Leaf
• Dandelion roots
• Dandelion leaves

You should consume it only with the validation of the doctor!

Another alternative to combat diabetes is to drink a cup of hot tea before meals from the following mixture of plants:

• Bean pods
• Lady’s Mantle
• Blueberry Leafs

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