Home Remedies for Diseases of the Gallbladder

The gallbladder is where the bile is collected.
Bile is formed in the liver. In the gallbladder stones can form, which depending on their size can cause pain, whose intensity can reach up to violent.
In the treatment of biliary disease, the next tea is considered a natural remedy with beneficial effects on the human body:
• Rhubarb Rhizomes
• Celandine
• Water Clover
• Gentian Root
• Dandelion Roots
• Mint Leaves

Drink this tea every day, 30 minutes before meals.
If biliary diseases are often accompanied by stomach pains, the next tea is effective for mending them:
• Mint leaves
• Wormwood
• Buckthorn bark
• Dandelion roots
• Turmeric roots
To drain bile drink a tea prepared from chicory root or mint leaves. It is very efficient and has real healing effects, improving the patient’s condition.

Biliary pain can be tackled drinking tea from plants:
• Chicory roots
• Juniper fruit
• Dandelion roots
It is recommended to drink it every day, 30 minutes before main meals.

If pain is caused by gallstones you can drink a tea prepared from:
• Pimpernel
• Dandelion Roots
• Mint Leaves
• Yarrow

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