Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
Acute gastritis is most often the result of aggression exogenous to stomach: food poisoning after drinking, indigestion after drugs, or other corrosive agents

Chronic gastritis is a consequence of chronic irritants, constant mistakes in nutrition, digestive allergies, sequel of acute gastritis, and smoking, all occurring in a patient with hereditary predisposition.

Gastritis is possible due to alcohol. Alcoholics often have gastritis, the liver being most affected.

The tea recommended in this case is made from the following plants:
• Licorice Root
• Fennel Seeds
• Lemon balm leaves
Make a tea by mixing these plants and drink three hot cups daily.
Alcohol cessation is recommended.
Gastritis can be very painful and can be treated with the following mixture of herbs:
• Siminoc flowers
• Valerian root

• Gentian root
• Calamus roots
• Centaury
• Cumin seeds
• Aniseed
• Fennel seeds
• Chamomile flowers
• Mint leaves
• Yarrow
It is recommended to drink a cup of this tea half an hour before main meals.

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