Home Remedies for Herpes

Herpes is dermatitis which often recurs and it is characterized by a rash vesicular bouquet usually caused by a virus.

Usually, herpes occurs when the body is very weak. Symptoms that accompany herpes are mild fever, restlessness, and nervousness, tingling and itching.

The main causes of herpes can be trauma, microbial infection, tooth extractions, and menses.

This rash occurs most often on the lips, cheeks or genitals.

Herpes can be cured using natural remedies based on herbs like peppermint, lemon tree, licorice, walnut, barley, horehound, and pine ointment, black nuts, infusion of lemon balm and hay, shock, apple, rusty cyclamen, bur, and underbrush.

You can treat genital herpes by applying locally hellebore tincture, birthwort tincture or aloe Vera.

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