Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

When you experience nausea or vomiting while being on an airplane, automobile or any rides from an amusement park it is known as motion sickness. This is related to the sense of balance and equilibrium. It occurs when the motion messages are not as they should be. There are two such messages:

One message comes from the inner ear that controls the balance while the second one comes from the eyes. When you change your position, these two do not match and the result is motion sickness.

Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

• Cover your nose from any kind of odor that makes you feel nausea. It can be engines smoke, smell of dead fish or even the odor coming from the person sitting next to you.
• Try traveling at night as you may avoid the movement of vehicles.
• Get fresh air by opening the window of your car. Get down from the bus when it stops. Reach the deck and smell the ocean or sea when you are on a boat or a ship. Turn on the vent when in plane.

• While traveling avoid drinking too much alcohol as it makes your head twirl. If you are planning to drink, have it in a small quantity.
• Sleep well before you travel as lack of sleep might give you one more reason to suffer from motion sickness.
• If in a car, sit in the front seat and focus on the road helping you to have a proper balance of your body and eyes.

• Motion sickness is partially psychological, so try to be more positive when you are traveling. Be stress-free and think of things that make you happy.
• Avoid reading as it is one of the major causes for motion sickness no matter which mode of transport it is.

• Look at something stationery as it helps to keep the balance.
• Avoid eating too much before you travel as it increases your chances of triggering a motion sickness.
• You can try making ginger tea by pouring hot boiling water over chopped ginger; you can also add brown sugar to it. Ginger works great against motion sickness as it absorbs acids and blocks the nausea in your gastrointestinal tract.
• Eating couple of olives at the first sign of nausea would surely help. As olive contains tannins to make your mouth dry and it does not trickle into your stomach.
• You can also eat lemons to prevent this problem.

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