Home Remedies for Varicose veins

A varicose vein is a disease more common nowadays due to aging or sitting too long. As our country’s population tends to age, more people suffer from varicose veins.

This disease can be hereditary. Blood vessels are too thin, and thus, those profound and superficial veins are dilating and also losing elasticity.

The most commonly affected by varicose veins are mainly pregnant women or people who spend too much time standing or suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Make a combination of green walnuts mixed with olive oil and keep it in the sun for 40 days in a container. You should anoint with it.

Keep your feet up when you lie in bed.

Nutrition is also a factor that can reduce or favor the appearance of varicose veins.

It is recommended to eat cereals, spinach, cucumber, pumpkin.

In contrast, you should avoid the following: pork, lemon, alcohol, coffee, green vegetables, and vinegar.

Birthwort is a medicinal plant and the necessary ointments for treating varicose can be prepared from its extract.

In this regard, concerned people should avoid eating salt, sweets, high-fat foods, canned food, spices, and pasta.

Tips for treating varicose:
• Do physical exercise in which your arms and legs are up;
• While sleeping you should keep your feet at a superior height from the head;
• You should dress and wear special stockings for varicose treatment only when you’re lying down and only during the day.
• You should eliminate foods with high water content from you alimentation;
• Walk 2-3 kilometers every day;
• It is recommended to avoid wearing tight clothes as: suspenders, tight stockings, and socks with rubber band;
• You should avoid physical inactivity
• A sea wave’s massage is very beneficial against varicose veins.

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