Those +35 People Used Incorrect But Similar – Sounding Words, And The Results Are Hilarious

When someone utilizes wrong but comparable sounding phrases to express themselves, one thing that almost always gets a laugh out of us. Electric rather than voting, bone jaw instead of bonjour, suppository instead of repository— the comedy potential is almost limitless because we all have blind spots where we blend together two likewise sounding phrases that are, in fact, anything but similar in significance.

The subreddit ‘ Bone Apple Tea’ (which almost sounds like a good appetite in French) gathers all types of malapropisms that occur when individuals use an inaccurate word that sounds comparable to the right word, often with hilarious outcomes. We have gathered the finest examples of this kind, so get your scrolling fingers ready, upvote your favours, and share with your colleagues. Let us understand what the greatest malapropisms you’ve ever heard are and share with us if you’ve ever committed an awkward accident in your own language.

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